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Uniqueh's Loan Origination System (LOS) is 100% Web based. No software or hardware to install, download or upgrade - Ever. You will now be able to originate loans from anywhere at any time with a Web-connected PC.

Our web site is secure and your private information will be encrypted before transmitting using Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

Our Integrated Fax Solution will eliminate lost paper and the time consuming task of Lenders sorting through stacks of faxes. The Uniqueh fax solution immediately converts received faxes to an electronic format that is automatically sorted to the appropriate loan file

Stand alone application for Brokers/Agents, Mortgage Professionals can visit a client and complete an application on the laptop then connect to the Internet at a later date to upload the application to the Uniqueh System, eliminates double keying information

Uniqueh Solutions reminds you what documentation remains outstanding and when the Lender requires the file to be completed for a timely closing

Automated underwriting decision engine to approve or decline loans within minutes

Automatic Load Distribution, incoming loans are assigned equally to Underwriters to ensure a balanced work load

An added feature to our LOS allows for all addresses to be verified via confirmation of the postal code through the Canada Post Data Base. Fraud detection is a priority and this is just another safeguard provided by the system.

Mortgage Professionals can communicate with the underwriters via a built in messaging component to eliminate telephone tag. Also provides the ability to check the status of all loans in real-time.

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