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UNIQUEH’s Electronic Document Storage System (EDSS) is 100% web based. No software or hardware (scanner) to install, download or upgrade ever. You will be able to store or access all your documents 24/7 from anywhere Internet access is available. Electronic Document Storage and Retrieval is an integral and vital component to your company’s Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan.

Our web site is secure and your private information will be encrypted before transmitting using Secure Socket Layer (SSL). The EDSS solution will eliminate lost paper and the time consuming task of sorting through stacks of faxes. The Uniqueh fax solution immediately converts received faxes to an electronic Portable Document Format (PDF) that is automatically sorted to the appropriate loan file. Simply fax your documents to a Toll Free number and UNiQUEH’s EDSS will convert your documents to PDF format for easy viewing. If you have existing documents in PDF format, you can also Drop PDF files to a particular electronic file by browsing from your computer to the EDSS. You can also delete any pages that are incorrect within the PDF document. Once all the documents are received for the loan file, the multiple PDF document files can be merged to a single PDF file for easy viewing.

This system is designed to create a documentation checklist that allows Administration to ensure that all supporting documentation for each file has been received. There is a built in messaging feature that allows users to attach notes or communicate to the Administrator regarding a particular document file by adding comments to individual files. Each document originator can only view his/her own documents but Office Administration has the ability to view all of the user’s documents. Documents can be viewed by the PDF reader. Once the checklist has been completed and created it will appear in the Archive Document List. A file may not be edited or deleted by users once it has been sent to the Archive Document List.

All archive documents can be searched or sorted by Agent Name (Originator), Client Name, Property address, Closing Date, etc.

The length of time the documents can be stored for can be determined by the user. Once the documents are received and processed by the system, there will be a message indicator that there is a new document to be reviewed.

Our server is hosted by Q9 Networks which is secure and guarantees 24/7 availability. Your data is backed up daily.

Original documents with client signatures can be stored electronically.
Meet industry compliance regarding privacy, confidentiality and security regulations
Save on courier charges, no more physically sending documents to head office locations, save time and money.
Easy and immediate access to all of your client folders without leaving your desk.
Eliminate expensive filing cabinets that are consuming valuable space that could be used for many other “income producing” purposes.
Eliminate paper piled on desks or tables.
Easy to store, share and manage critical business documents.
Eliminate phone call between Agents and office Administrator.
Eliminate frustration over the inability to locate a particular folder or document when you need it.
Ability to view a document and make notes right from your own computer within minutes.

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