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Our Mandate

We provide the Business Solutions to make our clients succeed by helping you to serve your customers better.

Our Commitment

To provide the highest quality service and Pricing! On line technical assistance as well as 1-800 service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We stand behind our commitment.

E2E (End to End)

Connect to the internet anytime, anywhere and access your applications and instant updates!!

Imps Features

Integrated Fax Solutions
Uniqueh Solutions has eliminated paper for Lenders. Faxes are received by Financial Institutions and immediately identified and filed electronically by Lender Reference number. The Underwriter is notified that documentation has been received and is awaiting review.

Auto Approval and Decline
Using normal underwriting criteria, the system will auto approve or decline within minutes. Real time generation of documents, e-mail instructions to solicitors.

Eliminate Unnecessary Telephone Calls
Lenders, Brokers and Agents can communicate by sending/receiving messages via the Uniqueh system.

Customized Reporting
Management reporting will be customized, you request the report(s), we will create it - guaranteed.

Equifax, Trans Union, CMHC and Genworth links are established. Approved or committed applications with a loan to value greater than 75% are automatically submitted to CMHC or Genworth based on the percentage defined in the Lender Configuration Table, i.e. 50% of applications to CMHC, 50% of applications to Genworth.

Every Uniqueh user has a confidential Broker/Agent ID and can access any of their own applications (Brokers may view their Agents as well) to determine the status as well as track outstanding conditions, whether or not documentation has been reviewed, approved, etc. from any location accessible to the internet.

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