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Sales Force Automation:

UNIQUEH-CRM empowers managers to track entire sales processes from campaign planning stage up to after-sales customer's feedback stage. UNIQUEH-CRM provides powerful lead management, opportunity management, forecasting, reporting capabilities, so that sales managers can handle their team effectively and efficiently to achieve their goals. UNIQUEH-CRM provides sales personnel immediate access to up-to-the-second data from any source.

UNIQUEH-CRM provides real-time pipeline visibility and ensures that not a single lead is lost due to improper allocation. Sales managers can easily direct the leads generated to the appropriate sales team member in real-time which helps to close more deals in less time. Sales managers can keep their eye on the status of each and every lead assigned to the sales team members and deals closed by them. Using UNIQUEH-CRM sales managers can assess the performance of each member of the team.

Executives need information accurately and quickly so that they can evaluate the company's performance in the past while looking ahead to the future. With the powerful analysis and graphical reports provided by UNIQUEH-CRM, executives can acquire real-time information for effective decision making.

Real-time sales pipeline visibility.
Close deals more efficiently.
Improves proficiency and effectiveness of sales process.
Maximize revenues and reduce operational cost.
Customer Service: (CRM)

'Maximizing customer satisfaction' is one of the ways to stand out in today's highly competitive market where the customer is the king. UNIQUEH-CRM is useful not only leading up to the sales process but also after-sales customer support and services. UNIQUEH-CRM provides due attention towards customer service and support.

Users can identify customer issues by using the CRM tool in UNIQUEH-CRM, each customer inquiry is categorized i.e. feedback, problems, product demo, etc. Users may direct the issue to the team member responsible in real-time and may prioritize based on its importance as well. Once the case is resolved and approval is received, the solution may be stored in the knowledge base for future reference.

UNIQUEH-CRM provides a centralized knowledge management database where all cases and their solutions can be stored. A centralized knowledge management database reduces response time and helps to provide better customer service and support.

Customer's inquiries and feedback about products and services help managers to identify areas of improvement so that organizations can deliver products and services of the highest quality. To maintain long healthy relationships with customers UNIQUEH-CRM also provides a tool to keep in touch with customers on different occasions like special holidays, birthdays, etc.

Centralized knowledge management database for better customer support
Reduction in response time for customer support
Product and service appreciation
Maximize customer satisfaction
Marketing Automation:

UNIQUEH-CRM empowers managers to manage campaigns and to gain up - to - the second information of ongoing campaigns. UNIQUEH-CRM helps managers to monitor the marketing campaign which generates leads and ultimately the sales. Real-time analysis helps executives and managers to introduce appropriate changes in campaigns, so that only the most effective will be promoted.

Using UNIQUEH-CRM's built-in tools, sales managers can assign generated leads to the right sales team member with the click of a button. UNIQUEH-CRM tracks these leads until they are converted into actual sales.

UNIQUEH-CRM generates different graphical reports reflecting relationships between campaigns, leads generated, leads converted and sales. These reports enable Marketing managers to select and design campaigns in the future.

The data collected from the reports can be very useful to the customer in making the marketing process more effective and efficient. Using the built-in-tool from UNIQUEH-CRM mass personalized emails can be sent to targeted customers.

Assignment of leads to the right sales team member with the click of a button
Track the lead from its inception to closed sale
Real-time analysis to measure effectiveness of campaign
Generate campaign related reports in graphical as well as tabular form within few seconds without any IT knowledge
Send mass personalized emails to targeted customers.
Contact Management:

Managing contacts is one of the essential things for any company and for the sales / marketing department it is a most vital job. UNIQUEH-CRM provides effective means for contact management. UNIQUEH-CRM enables sales personnel to maintain detailed contact profiles through contact management.

UNIQUEH-CRM provides the tools to send mass personalized emails to targeted contacts during the campaigns. Using UNIQUEH-CRM contacts can be categorized individually or by Group or by company. User can easily and quickly search any contact and details of that person using UNIQUEH-CRM.

Maintain Rich contact profile at one place
Send mass personalized emails to the contacts during email campaigns
Grouping of contacts
Knowledge Management:

A knowledge management tool provided by UNIQUEH-CRM is valuable for customer support and service. In knowledge base users can add various categories such as customer inquiries, features request, problem related to products and customers feedback. All this information stored in Knowledge base can be very fruitful for organization to produce product / services of best quality. Executives and managers can get real-time information about the customers' requirements, the defects in products and services, additional features the customer is demands and many more features related to products and services.

Solutions to the problems related with products can be added to knowledge base. Also solutions related to customer's queries can be stored in the knowledge base. Using UNIQUEH-CRM knowledge management tool organization can provide faster customer support and service. By providing solutions to customer's problems in quick time organization can gain customer loyalty. To maximize customer satisfaction and to create products / services of best quality knowledge base can prove very useful.

More efficient customer support and services
Maximize customer satisfaction
Get valuable information to improve quality of products and services
Campaign Management:

A campaign is the most important part of any marketing strategy. UNIQUEH-CRM Campaign Management tool provides effective solutions to reduce operational cost as well as efforts to manage campaign activity, the Campaign Management tool provide real-time insight of campaign.

UNIQUEH-CRM helps marketing / sales managers to monitor campaigns from start to finish. UNIQUEH-CRM can generate various graphs and reports to analyze each campaign, this helps managers to review the performance of a campaign and allow them to introduce necessary changes in an on-going campaign to maximize effectiveness.

Effectiveness of the campaign depends on how many leads and ultimately sales it generates. UNIQUEH-CRM provides tools to the managers to monitor the leads from its inception to closing stage. UNIQUEH-CRM enables managers to assign leads generated to the right sales team members anywhere in the field in real-time. Managers can also track the status of the leads assigned to the sales team member. This is not only helpful to analyze the leads but also to evaluate performance of sales team members.

All leads generated from a campaign are not converted into sales; UNIQUEH-CRM helps managers to identify qualified leads which have more probability to generate sales. Qualified leads can be converted into sales opportunities within minutes. UNIQUEH-CRM provides campaign-wise revenue reports with the click of a button. Managers can drill down through data to analyze revenue report s in detail.

UNIQUEH-CRM provides real-time analysis to managers and executives. Within a few seconds users can generate various graphical and tabular reports related to campaigns such as leads generated by campaigns, sources, closed sales and many more. Reports generated by UNIQUEH-CRM enable managers to identify a group of customers having similar needs i.e. customer segmentation. By segmenting customers managers can design the campaign to target a particular group of customers. Such targeted campaigns help the organization to gain market share and improve profitability.

Reduction in operational costs
Real-time evaluation of campaigns
Generate number of reports related to campaigns within few seconds
Design and plan more effective campaigns using analyzed reports
Web Based Document Management:

Web Based Document Management is a tool provided by UNIQUEH-CRM to store, share and manage critical business documents. Anyone having right access can admission to these documents online from anywhere, users can upload files of any type or size and make it available to all other users having right access. With right access users can easily access documents as soon as they are uploaded. Users can store documents in any folder and can move documents from one folder to other with the click of a button.

Easy to store, share and manage critical business documents
Upload documents of any type and size
Real-time access to critical business documents from anywhere
Create and store private documents
Analysis and Business Intelligence:

UNIQUEH-CRM's embedded analysis offers fully interactive business intelligence which provides valuable information to the sales and marketing team.

UNIQUEH-CRM provides a highly interactive dashboard which can be customized as per user's requirements. The dashboard provides up-to-the-second analyzed information to outline the day to day work plan based on priority.

UNIQUEH-CRM creates a number of reports related to sales and administration in graphical and tabular form within a few seconds, reports created can be easily printed or mailed.

UNIQUEH-CRM provides real-time insight into campaign activity. With UNIQUEH-CRM users can track the campaign from lead generation through to closed sale. Data generated by UNIQUEH-CRM provides valuable information to design campaigns in the future.

With UNIQUEH-CRM users can also provide after-sale service and support to the customers. Users can generate cases from the feedback of customers about the products; this will be very useful for executives to identify requirements, issues and feedback related to products from customers. By using UNIQUEH-CRM issues generated can be assigned to the appropriate authority so that they can provide immediate solutions.

Highly interactive dashboard
Drill-down through campaign
Calculate revenue generated from campaigns
Create reports and graphs related to sales with the click of a button
Helps to provide after-sales service and support to customer
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